Yuddham Sharanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Yuddham Sharanam

Yuddham Sharanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

When you decide to take on the enemy head on, is it a decision borne out of misplaced courage or is it a last resort?

Cast & Crew
Director: Krishna R V Marimuthu
Actor: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Lavanya Tripathi, Rao Ramesh, Meka Srikanth, Murli Sharma
Release Date: 05 Oct, 2018

Yuddham Sharanam (2018) Telugu Review:
Earnest may be a word that would add up the work of debut director avatar Marimuthu and team. The work has discreetness, the sensibilities appear right and also the story revolves around some actually likeable characters. however earnestness alone cannot keep one endowed within the proceedings. The strength of the film lies within the characters that type the adorable family, semiconductor diode by doctor Seetha Hindu deity (Revathy) and her husband Murali avatar (Rao Ramesh). This couple might provides a heap of children relationship goals with their very little skirmishes and also the unintimidated support they notice in one another to require on the chances and work towards swing a smile on people’s faces.

There’s a pleasant scene during which Rao Ramesh likens his tug of war together with his son Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) to ‘entertainment’. These moments involving the fogeys, Arjun, his sisters, friends and also the young doctor WHO comes for Associate in Nursing spot (Lavanya) unravel fantastically, accentuated by Vivek Sagar’s swingy music — ‘Enno Enno Bhaavale’ may be a winner. Revathy, Rao Ramesh, Naga Chaitanya and Lavanya Tripathi ar a treat to observe in these parts. once this happy family is torn apart, Arjun has got to piece along the puzzle and notice however and why his oldsters met with a brutal finish. he’s up against Naik (Srikanth) to shield the remainder of his family. It’s Associate in Nursing recent figure of a standard guy having to draw upon all his strength to require on evil forces.

Naik is projected as a remorseless maniac WHO will flip the tables on the political important person below whose order he wrecks disturbance within the town. Then, there’s the cop JD Shastri (Murali Sharma) whose arrange of action hinges on what is going to higher his probabilities of promotion. A obliged assistant (Ravi Varma) watches on, unable to search out a technique to his madness. Characters like these might are part of a remarkable cat-and-mouse game. however all of them find yourself as cardboard elements in a very lazily-written narrative. Arjun is purportedly sport against the clock however we have a tendency to ne’er get to feel that sense of urgency.

A whole heap of fine actors ar wasted in poorly-etched supporting elements, from Priyadarshi to Prashanti Tipirneni and Kireeti. If in the least there’s some character growth, you see it in Arjun once he reveals his cards by and by. however these twists, too, provide no massive surprise. Yuddham Sharanam finishes up underwhelming like Arjun’s example drone that struggles to rise high within the initial parts. Later, a well dead sequence shows the drone returning in handy throughout a medical emergency. If solely the remainder of the film had one thing attention-grabbing to perk US up.


Yuddham Sharanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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