Touch Chesi Chudu (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Touch Chesi Chudu

Touch Chesi Chudu (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

There’s little element of surprise for the viewers, and save for a few funny scenes, ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ is a drag.

Cast & Crew
Director: Vikram Sirikonda
Actor: Ravi Teja, Lavanya Tripathi, Raashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor
Release Date: 02 Feb, 2018

Touch Chesi Chudu (2018) Telugu Review:
A common line one hears in conversations regarding Telugu films goes ‘asalu, story enti?’ (What’s the story?) would like somebody within the core team of bit Chesi Chudu had asked that question, forcefully, whereas creating the film. If somebody had posed that question and it had fallen on smart ears, we’d are spared of this effortful 146-minute adventure story of scenes every which way arrange along. look bit Chesi Chudu is associate degree energy-draining exercise. One doesn’t take Ravi Teja variety of mass masalas too seriously and appearance for logic. thus it wasn’t a couple of rummage around for cerebral cinema. His previous outing Raja the nice got it right with many humorous parts, however this one is pointless. Not one scene lingers at the top of the buzzing, yawn-inducing drawl.

There square measure several writing credits – story by Vakkantam Vamsi (really?), Deepak rule for playscript and Srinu Bosani for dialogues. Did the story and playscript undergo completely different hands or was the debut director (Vikram Sirikonda) unable to create up its mind if he desires to travel all get in creating a no brainer comedy, or associate degree action someone or a family film! Note the word family, for, this film and its hero Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) throw the word around generously, till you’ve had enough. In Karthikeya’s geographical point (he’s some kind of associate degree businessman as a result of there’s some kind of a plant. Don’t raise more), the walls square measure plastered with slogans regarding caring for your family. somebody walks certain employment and mentions that he are going to be living alone and can send cash to his family in Vizag, and Karthikeya launches a full-fledged sermon regarding family, throughout that words like ‘obsession’ ‘compassion’ et al that one wouldn’t bear in mind square measure thrown along.

This family-loving hero dotes on his 2 young sisters, father, mother and grannie. The family desires him to urge over a bitter past (featuring Seerat Kapoor) and see him hook up with. A pelli choopulu sequence follows that includes Pushpa (Rashi Khanna) and it shows that the hero is best off talking as very little as he will. Pushpa shows some spine once she rejects him for being clumsy and silly. however in most mass masalas, the heroine needs to fall in line anyway. thus will Pushpa, even though Karthikeya’s plan of complimentary her is equalization her to ‘Statue of Liberty’, as a result of it’s ‘world famous’. Yes, you scan it right.


Touch Chesi Chudu (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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