Silly Fellows (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Silly Fellows

Loud and over-the-top, watching Silly Fellows makes you feel silly

Cast & Crew
Director: Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Actor: Sunil, Allari Naresh, Chitra Shukla, Shamna Kasim Poorna
Release Date: Sep 7, 2018

Silly Fellows (2018) Telugu Review:
Suri (Sunil) gets married to a recording dancer Pushpa (Nandini) to assist his friend Veera man (Naresh), a tailor in an exceedingly village known as Satyanarayanapuram. Veera man guarantees his MLA that he would bring twenty five couple for Dhegiha Wedding Sammelan and Suri thinks that he is marrying Pushpa for in the future, simply associate degree act however it seems that he truly married her and he has to divorce her if he needs to marry his girlfriend (Poorna). remainder of the story is however Soori and Veera man set out of this tangle.

Director Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao has directed this comedy film supported Tamil motion-picture show Ezhil’s ‘Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran’ Bhimaneni looks to own not created several changes to the Tamil motion-picture show. whereas Naresh sticks to the lead hero’s role that isn’t written well, however it’s Sunil UN agency has done his work well here together with his comedy temporal arrangement. he’s freed from burden of taking part in lead hero and within the role of comedian, he has given his best. His track of marrying Pushpa UN agency is widespread as dancer is funny. The motion-picture show has no logic, not correct plot line except the conventional model. The come backdy scenes come and keep company with no rhyme and reason.

The only intent looks to get laughs by hook or crook. So, within the method some scenes work, some don’t. If you’re trying to find laughs and do not look after logic, it should give time pass however generally the film does not bring something novel to the comedy genre. whereas the primary half the motion-picture show is fairly neat comedy, the film within the half turns mess. the sole state of grace post-interval is Jaya Prakash Reddy’s story-telling episode. however this one is also stretched on the far side some extent.

As so much as performances involved, Sunil is spectacular here and Allari Naresh plays in his regular vogue. Chitra Shukla as lady constable is okay. Jaya Prakash Reddy provides some laughs and Brahmi’s track is regular. there’s not abundant to speak regarding technical aspects or music. Director Bhimaneni simply sticks to the formula.


Silly Fellows (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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