Sanjeevani (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


Sanjeevani (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

A group of adventurous people and mountaineers start their journey to discover some important, interesting and exciting things. They wanted to discover about the precious Sanjeevani. What happens in their journey forms the story of the movie.
Sanjeevani is a Telugu movie released on 29 Jun, 2018. The movie is directed by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and featured Manoj Chandra, Anurag Dev and Shweta Varma as lead characters.

Sanjeevani (2018) Telugu Review:
A group of mountaineers went for ice climbing. Though, one amongst them has self interests, therefore the person didn’t say regarding the troubles to them before going. once visited that place, they’re featured heap of issues by the various animals together with strange problems. within the processes, they apprehend that they didn’t come back for mountain climbing; they are available for a legendary plant, Sanjeevani. area unit they able to get that plant together? And what issues area unit they face, you have got to appear at the show.

Actors didn’t act like they 1st flick, although new faces. everybody gave best performances in their characters. Mainly, roles of Anurag Dev, Manoj Chandra, Swetha Varma, Amogh Deshapathi area unit major and purpose for the flick. Director Ravi Vide is recorded this project all right by exploitation the visual effects together with thrilling parts. Director has maintained all right with the suspense of what happening next within the flick. it’d must say that Ravi Vide created a giant journey once he designated this story owing to this project shooting was command in a very new places, that until currently anyone has ne’er gone and ne’er seen the places. The camera performance in such places too and director ideology is incredibly smart. Background music score of the flick is in enticing manner. a number of the boring scenes area unit there.

The major solid of the show is newcomers. each single actor that acted within the film has marked their debut within the industry with the show. all of them has performed well in their limitations and affected well.

The visual effects area unit grand within the film. The background score of the film is enticing. the most important and purpose of the film is that the runtime. The heavier-than-air craft shot within the starting has pop out well within the film. the pc graphics have pop out well within the film. The new technology helped the show loads and therefore the drone shots were shot well. The locations area unit nice. The business parts were mixed well within the show. The director Ravi Vide has come back up with a remarkable script and there was really a scope for performing arts loads of adventures which happened too. The writing is neat. The lighting tricks is ok. The music is nice. the manufacturers ought to be considerable for creating a {decent} film in a very decent budget.

The film Sanjeevani lives up to the expectations. The show goes to become a giant hit in terms of tiny budgeted flicks. The film may be a smart audacious heroic tale within the recent times and therefore the thrills have helped the show loads. The silly revenge drama goes to be the most effective a part of the film. The show features a correct script and therefore the director dead it well. On the entire, the film is nice and may be watched.


Sanjeevani (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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