Sammohanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


Sammohanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

This love story has its moments of magic, but is let down by a largely superficial and predictable storyline.

Cast & Crew
Director: Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Actor: Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari, Tanikella Bharani, Shishir Sharma, Pavithra Lokesh, Kedar Shankar, Hari Teja, Kadambari Kiran
Release Date: 15 Jun, 2018

Sammohanam (2018) Telugu Review:
The common man’s connect with the screenland, his feeling for the medium or the dearth of it, has been a theme of large fascination for many legendary storytellers over the years — Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Dasari, K Balachander. Sammohanam too blends the non-dramatic aspect of a common man with the rosy, fantasy-like dimension of the celluloid. The film may be a window to the lifetime of a movie star through the eyes of AN creative person, book author. A balanced perspective of what happens once normal and glitzy worlds merge, Sammohanam is peppered with timely and humorous references to literature, digs on advocator business trends. nonetheless it still may be a terribly straightforward and a moving story of a few coming back to terms with one another.

A fancy freelance house of Vijay Kumar (Sudheer Babu), rented for a month-long film shoot, makes for a ludicrous background. Vijay’s father Sarvesh (Naresh), enjoying his post-retirement life, may be a film aficionado United Nations agency rents his house at no cost reciprocally for a personality role. Vijay’s neighbours peep into their house for a glimpse of the shoot. a movie heroine Sameera (Aditi Rao Hydari) doesn’t mouth her Telugu lines well, she encompasses a sexy co-star Kishore baboo (Nandu). Vijay isn’t affected by the sudden splurge of activity and his neutrality in films, shows. Vijay and Sameera ‘see every other’ closely, with/without the make-up. He even tells her ‘You look stunning, nonetheless external beauty is temporary. i need to fall loving together with your temperament.’ Their comradery is infectious, the journey tho’ faraway from swish, is that the soul of the film.

Sammohanam works as a result of its characters ar vulnerable and human. Their flaws boost the character arcs. Despite fame, Sameera longs for an easy life, has insecurities, moments wherever she’s unsure of her stance. Vijay experiences love and faces rejection too. The mother helps him travel. A father dismisses the film world when a bitter fallout with the film crew, the son pushes his father to not lose religion in his talents. There ar laugh-out-loud moments however the humour is rarely unrefined.

The film uses this chance for a few informative comment — on the longevity of literature and films, websites exploitation gossips for views, the unheeded ‘votthu’ in dialogues, the controversy on the absence of Telugu-speaking heroines, self-seeking of the screenland and a lot of. Naresh is essentially chargeable for creating these lighter parts work. just like the line he talks regarding underplaying it well to his son within the film, his delicate performance is certain to be remembered for an extended time. He aces the combo of being sensitive, humorous and a adoring papa supremely well. Rahul Ramakrishna and Abhay Bethiganti play the example hero friends to a T.


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