Paper Boy (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Paper Boy

A predictable love story which turns into a sobfest with endless sermons and unnecessary drama.

Cast & Crew
Jaya Shankarr – Director
Tanya Hope – Actor
Shoban – Actor
Priyashri – Actor

Release Date: Aug 31, 2018

Paper Boy (2018) Telugu Review:
A film showing story between a paper boy and wealthy lady isn’t your everyday story. Usually, such subjects ar tackled in Tamil wherever the administrators treat them sans the fluff of an advertisement drama. however in Telugu, administrators add components to suit the industrial format that sells here, rather than taking a sensible read.

Though the director looks to require to gift a poetic version of his ‘class-less’ story, the film doesn’t specifically make up this class. And simply to please the audience, the paper boy is additionally a applied scientist WHO ‘turns’ a deliveryman.

Instead of making an attempt to feature his bit, the director works on what has been provided to him in terms of content ANd this sort of leaves the film with an mental state of types. It is neither a hard-hitting film on the lines of recently discharged Dhadak neither is it a mass-masala someone of ’80s wherever autowalas too get to prance around with wealthy babes.

Where the film gets serious, Bittiri Satyam is employed, killing the momentum instantly. Also, the director compromises in varied scenes to form it appealing to audiences, that is wherever the film falls flat. The scene wherever the hero’s oldsters move to heroine’s house or once heroine’s brother’s move to hero’s house ar intense and well given.

Where you would possibly find yourself hoping to look at a movie like Mahratti hit Sairat or the recent Dhadak in Hindi, deliveryman winds up being a pale version that fails to lift on top of everyday story-telling. To add to all or any this, the love track itself feels terribly old skool. At times, the audience sounds like the hero and heroine ar blindly following some lines they could have browse in romantic novels or classics.

In all, deliveryman fails to the touch your hearts. Despite having sensible scenes, it doesn’t go full on in showing what it desires to mention. therefore one winds up with the sensation of reading AN recent newspaper rather than recent news.


Paper Boy (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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