Officer (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


Officer (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

With an incoherent screenplay, a non-existent story and over-the-top performances, Officer is a cumbersome watch.

Cast & Crew
Director, Producer: ram gopal varma
Actor: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Myra Sareen, Sayaji Shinde, Feroz Abbasi
Release Date: 01 Jun, 2018

Officer (2018) Telugu Review:
Twenty eight years when their 1st collaboration, Shiva (1990), if Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna get along to form a high-on-action film, you expect one thing which will be a worthy reminder of their 1st outing that earned cult standing. But, given the path of films created by RGV in recent years, somewhere midway through Officer the thought that cropped up is, ‘at least this one isn’t associate degree assault on the senses, therefore far’ instead of being wowed by what’s being shown on screen.

Officer has a motivating story, that the movie maker reveals relies on real incidents. Hyderabad-based cop Sivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) is asked to move a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe into the ways in which of Narayan Passary, a cop attributable with finishing off the urban center underworld, however UN agency has currently fallen from grace. It’s associate degree corporate executive perspective of the law and its dark corners. will a cop himself build another underworld company to retaliate his contemporaries? have a say some personal relationships and you get the required emotional heft.

It sounds smart as a concept however on screen, there are uninteresting stretches. It appears like we’re looking at it from a distance while not ever being endowed within the proceedings. RGV has explored the crime-underworld-cops tropes before and excelled in his initial years, however this one doesn’t have the zing. many moves are over-explained and there’s no surprise. in this scene wherever Passary is fleetly unfree and in remission, it’s doesn’t take long to guess that the tables can eventually flip. There isn’t enough backstory to those cops UN agency are hostile — one keeps harping that he did everything ‘for the system’ which he likes to torture individuals before they die; the opposite is simply squealing clean. The occasional underworld characters are caricature-like instead of dread. one among them plays a ambiguous game however that too isn’t explored well.

The only reason to stay looking at is Nagarjuna, UN agency tries his best to carry things along. For all his show of gracefulness associate degreed expertise as an SIT officer, one solely desires for a higher script. Myra Sareen and kid actor Kaavya don’t create a robust impression. And, it gave the look of the kid actor was asked to show exaggerated emotions than being natural.

RGV’s fascination for uncommon camera angles continues, fortunately they aren’t nausea-inducing. many empty glasses are focused — see an area through a glass, hear a oral communication through many glasses… there’s a scene wherever Nagarjuna is on a video chat along with his oldsters UN agency are sitting at the table lined with 2 rows of empty glasses associate degreed an oddly-placed tomato. I don’t bear in mind the oral communication as a result of the main focus was a lot of on the glasses and also the tomato.


Officer (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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