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Actors : Naga Shaurya, Kashmira, Yamini Bhaskar, Ajay, Padma Jayanthi, Tirupati Prakash, Mamilla Shailaja Priya, Viva Raghav, Rocket Raghava, Sivaji Raja, Satyam Rajesh, Jayaprakash Reddy, Sudha, Gemini Suresh, Uttej.
Director: Srinivas Chakravarthi
Writer: Srinivas Chakravarthi
Genres: Drama
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Release Date: 29 August 2018 (USA)

Nartanasala (2018) Telugu Review:
In 1963 ‘Nartanasala’, thought to be nice classic in Telugu cinema that won awards at International film festivals, National Trust avatar Rao contend the role of Brihannala, mythical being living within the garb of ladies as a part of Pandava’s exile. Brihannala teaches music and dance. This film was supported a part of Virat Parvam from The religious writing. within the latest Naga Shaurya starrer that has an equivalent name of NTR’s classic, the protagonist poses as gay to avoid wedding to a lady his father fastened. A character within the film says, “Ninnu choostente Narthanasala lo Brihannala gurtostunnadu. Akkada gay lover ledu neeku unnadu. Anthe teda” (Your state of affairs rings a bell in my memory of Brihannala in Narthanasala except that he didn’t have male lover). This dialogue sums of the plot. The director should have thought that what if Brihannala gets proposal from a man. though this twist looks right to weave a comedy out of it, the thought has remains exciting on the paper, not on screen.

New director Srinivasa Chakravarthy begins with the story of Shivaji Raja wanting a female offspring. however his married woman provides birth to a son and he starts raising the son with women’s article of clothing. This thread is employed just for some outre comedy, it doesn’t have an effect on the most plot. Later it’s showed that the boy seems to be a man UN agency trains ladies to be Jhansi Ranis’, being sensible at protection. From here, the film turns all farce. An role player as damozel in distress introduced. She desires to become nun to avoid harassment from a trickster (Satyam Rajesh). Enters the protagonist to show this trickster a lesson. Around fifteen to twenty minutes, we tend to get to check hero doing a little silly comedy (beating him constantly). Satyam Rajesh cheats over dozen ladies and hero makes all the girl slap him. By finish of the scene, we tend to get the sensation that the director is additionally slapping North American country. Such silly comedy is shown.

Then some songs follow. solely at the interval we tend to get to the most twist- hero rejecting a wedding fastened by his father and he obtaining proposal from a homosexual. within the entire half, the scenes and things rally around hero and also the guy. Objectionable comedy is plain-woven around homosexuals within the entire half business them as ‘Pothram’ (Stone mortar with a pestle, a room item with a hole and also the grinding stick) however within the climax hero tells a one-line dialogue: “Homosexuals are like North American country, we must always treat them with feeling and love, not ridicule them.” Ah! The first 0.5 itself is thus boring. Post-interval asinine comedy is shown. The film lacks wise moments and is jam-packed with asinine things. As way as performances involved, Ajay provides associate degree honest performance. Naga Shaurya is apparent. each the heroines haven’t a lot of roles. Jayaprakash Reddy’s acting is in his usual vogue. Mahati Sagar’s compositions ar neat. “Egireney Manasu Seethakokalla” is nice melody. filming and production values ar good. The new director fails to impress together with his work.


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