Mithai (2019) Telugu Full Movie Download


Mithai (2019) Telugu Full Movie Download

Watch this one for Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi and Bhushan.

Cast & Crew
Director: Prashant Kumarr
Actor: Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Kamal Kamaraju, Ajay Ghosh, Shweta Varma, Gayatri Gupta
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2019

Mithai (2019) Telugu Review:
Debutant Prashant Kumar’s Mithai options a stellar solid that includes names like Bhushan, Kamal Kamaraju, Swetha Varma and Aditi Myakal thereon. Most of those actors do their best to breathe life into characters, even those who are underwritten. however that’s sadly not enough to create the film invariably work. Mithai starts off with excellent potential however goes downhill because the film progresses, with solely Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi and Bhushan saving the day. Sai (Rahul Ramakrishna) could be a company worker World Health Organization loses his job, gets his house burgled and nearly loses his betrothed, bushed the span of every day. to create matters worse, everybody in his life – be it his boss, betrothed or perhaps a long-lost friend avatar (Ravi Varma) appear to treat him with nothing however disdain. His carefree friend Jani (Priyadarshi), World Health Organization floats within the same boat as him, has no aim in life, abundant to the chagrin of his better half. Sai is presently thrown a challenge – to not wed unless he finds the stealer and he accepts, in hope that individuals finally begin taking him seriously. each the chums start up a madcap journey to search out the malefactor.

The premise, whereas easy, sounds promising on paper and Prashant too makes it work for him in bits and items. Sure, the jokes don’t invariably land nor will the twist at the top very surprise anyone, however the downfall of the film really lies within the elements wherever it looks to tug on and on, with scenes that do nothing to maneuver the story forward. A musician Siddharth (Kamal Kamaraju) and his baby (Arsha) are introduced into the narrative, just for their scenes involving nothing however ingestion varied delicacies and his girlfriend providing him and therefore the audience gyaan on the origin of it, and a long, ridiculous scene involving detective Deepti (Swetha Varma) lecture her purchasers that isn’t even funny. There’s lots additional weaved into this tale, involving dream sequences, Sai’s transmitted automotive, a donkey, a random man wearing inert gas inexperienced invariably hovering around Sai and Jani and after all, the encouragement offered to the couple by the laidback man (Bhushan) World Health Organization loves his pet goat Sundari.

Unfortunately for Prashant, he takes on an excessive amount of for his debut film and solely delivers periodically. Mithai will have scenes that may stick with you, long once the film is completed, particularly once it involves the philosophy that lies beneath all the mess. Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi and Bhushan deliver stellar performances, with the chemistry between the previous 2 being the highlight of the film. Between the 3, they deliver even the drabbest dialogues with élan, creating the film not a whole loss. Aditi Myakal will her best within the restricted screen time she has. The ever-dependable Kamal Kamaraju fails to create his madcap character work, nor will the debutant Arsha, with each coming back off as dangerous caricatures within the tale. The music by Vivek Sagar is stellar, setting the mood for the film. The costume and art direction of the film dares to charter into a territory that TFI seldom veers into.


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