Lover (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar’s film is total eye candy. Raj (Raj Tarun) is carefree custom-bike maker who yearns for a family of his own. Charita (Riddhi Kumar) is a responsible nurse who wants to lead a life that is worth something. However, when she gets embroiled in a deadly conspiracy, how will the lovers get out of the dangerous situation?

Cast & Crew
Director: Anish Krishna
Actor: Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar
Release Date: 20 Jul, 2018

Lover (2018) Telugu Review:
Lover is that the umptieth time that rule Tarun has been named Raju in his films. The actor essays the role of a personalized bike-maker. The profession is that the solely uncommon side here, the action-romance could be a bag of over-used tricks associate degree exceedingly|in a very} boy-meets-girl tale wherever love sparkles and therefore the hero rises to resolve an organ-trade conflict. Lover banks on humour (read friend-smacking) and sentiment to romp home. Annish Krishna’s wit worked in Ala terrorist group, the book in his second film is just too old-school to create a sway.

To give credit wherever it’s due, Lover, set in Anantapur, builds the Rayalaseema scenery with poise, minus the standard factionist trappings. The visuals capture the lighter aspect of the district and therefore the actors’ slang complement the proceedings, rule Tarun too finally appears to own outgrown his West Godavari slang. Raju’s profession as a customised-bike maker forms a key link to the story, the description tho’ remains perfunctory.

All we tend to see ar conversations between Raju and his friends on the varied ways that to impress a nurse Charitha (played by newcomer Riddhi Kumar), a lady he meets at a neighborhood hospital when suffering a bullet injury. Isn’t it time Telugu cinema touched on the far side the sequences of intoxicated hero and friends bad-mouthing women? Here, these scenes ar in poor style. once the story of the heroine making an attempt to defend a toddler from the organ-trade mafia finally comes up within the second hour, it merely fails to come up with interest.

Charitha introduces Raju as a mentally-challenged patient to her mother in a trial to remain along reception. The Malayali woman says Onam is like Ugadi to the Telugus. Didn’t they bear in mind Vishu? conjointly, a supposed hacker in Raju’s cluster uses bluetooth to regulate the baddie’s automobile — the brakes, steering, car wiper.

Raj Tarun and Riddhi build an honest combine, tho’ the director Annish avatar finds absurd ways that to make their relationship. The director tries exhausting to resurrect a poor script and takes his medium license therefore seriously that the film is deprived of logic.

Riddhi Kumar offers some life to the intentions of her character, Lover could be a awaken entail rule Tarun to come back out of the rut of his wastrel-roles. The music is but memorable; seldom does one realize six composers acting on a six-track album and every one arising with a high quality product. Alas, good music, some sensible lines and re-packaging of a done-to-death formula can’t save a mediocre film.


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