Karthavyam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


If you can put up with the emotional turmoil packaged in the form of a thriller, then Karthavyam is well worth a watch.

Cast & Crew
Director: Gopi Nainar
Actor: Nayanthara, Sunu Lakshmi, Vinodhini, Ramachandran
Release Date: Mar 16, 2018

Karthavyam (2018) Telugu Review:
The show opens with the deposition of District Collector Varshini (Nayantara). She is being questioned regarding sure events that kind the narrative of this show, by a superior. She monologues like several central character with political leanings would, harping on financial condition, the system and politicians.

But as she starts giving her account of the events, the show starts providing you with a glance within the planet of atiny low rural family. A man, a lady and their 3 kids board a village with no potable water. As writer/director Gopi Nainar elegantly makes inroads into developing these characters, the youngest kid of the family falls into a poorly lined borewell.

Now time is of the essence as Varshini, the politicians United Nations agency run the village, the police, the fireplace brigade, the army, the medical workers and each subject that calls this retiring village home all work along to rescue the kid.

If this story were to be told chronologically, its point (Nayantara) wouldn’t create her manner into the story until the 40-minute mark. The show desires its hook and it comes within the sort of the two-dimensional Varshini and her crusade. Varshini’s inordinateness of sound bites and lack of true depth area unit offset by the depiction of the agricultural community. As she narrates their story, the feel given to the relatives is exquisite. The storytelling here is resembling a Kaaka Muttai or a Pasanga. however looming over these 2 plot threads is that the proven fact that each of them can merge and one in every of them goes to overpower the opposite.

No prizes for estimation that facet wins. If you’ve got woman genius Nayantara and a [*fr1] tight story on your facet, the war is just about won. But to us, the piddling battles the show loses on the manner don’t seem to be ignorable. The movie’s protagonist is your typical sturdy feminine character with neither the murky emotional baggage of Associate in Nursing Erin Brockovich nor the pure goodness of a woman. This works to each the movie’s benefit and harm.

Varshini is rarely control down by unnecessary exposition or personal drama or a adoring family a la Singam. She is outlined by her position and therefore the work she will there. whereas this can be admirable, her character becomes one during a ocean of righteous medium figures fighting the system because the show rolls on. She is usually within the right and ne’er at odds along with her ethical compass notwithstanding her sartorial decisions (sarees with reminder grey) counsel otherwise.

Her presence is thus overwhelming and all-inclusive that it overshadows different plot threads and emotional arcs. The family whose plight she is attempting to tend to area unit quickly become mini-caricatures because the movie’s half rolls in. The thoughtful and capable oldsters and loveable kids the audience area unit given with area unit step by step broken away till they’re nothing quite a wailing mass of humanity in want of a saviour.

The choices the moviemakers create with the characters they created area unit curious at the best and moderately maddening at the worst. The show features a powerful message to require home – as a end, i would prefer to raise however well the show would have contend if the protagonist was a person. Would its flaws stick out with a better degree of soreness or would its overall impact subdue any doubters?

That being aforesaid, if a person were to be recast within the role of Varshini, he’d have some powerful shoes to fill, and i am not voice communication that as a result of she wears high heels (she doesn’t). Nayantara is Associate in Nursing anomaly in Indian cinema. She is as adept at taking part in a damoiselle strictly stationed as visual image as she is at carrying a show squarely on her shoulders. Her personal magnetism, charm, talent and screen presence area unit extraordinarily malleable, which makes her one in every of the foremost fully-rounded actors of our time. Fear not, she lives up {to all|to all or Associate in Nursingy|to any or all} this praise so some even whereas essaying an underwritten character.


Karthavyam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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