Dammunte Sommera (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Dammunte Sommera

Dammunte Sommera (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

A cliched horror-comedy that just about manages to entertain the viewers.

Cast & Crew
Director: Rambala
Actor: Santhanam, Anandaraj, Karunas, Rajendran, Saurabh Shukla, Singamuthu, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Shanaya
Producer: N. Ramasamy
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2018

Dammunte Sommera (2018) Telugu Review:
Successful Full moving-picture show Formula Comedy Horror in South business several of the films that are screened during this Gregorian calendar month have gained nice success. At one stage, the audience became tired of of these same films. thence the horror comedy breaks on the silver screen. when some gap, another one amongst the scenes with identical thought is Sommera. Kollywood star Dilal is that the hero of the moving-picture show major Dumulku moving-picture show titled Sommera underneath the name of dubbed into Telugu. To what extent did the kid, World Health Organization was introduced as a comedian to Telugu audience, was affected by the hero? can the Horror Comedy Janner sway be successful Formula once again?

Kumar (child), Kajal (Anishal Singh) college Friends. Kajal is extremely a lot of inquisitive about Kajal at a young age. (Witness Resumes) however Kajal oldsters send her away abroad and obtain 2 away. Kajal came back when a few years and Kumar tries to fulfill. Kumar and Kazhagam, World Health Organization met because of a clash, apprehend the past and fall crazy. however Kajal’s father Seet (Saurabh Shukla) doesn’t settle for their love. Anyway, Kumar plans to kill Kumar with sketch Mani (Rajendran) to eliminate Kumar. The killing within the town can build everybody suspicious and move to the previous cottage on the Sivaganga mountain faraway from the town and kill him. Kajal and Kumar bring the 2 families to the demon bungalas by lying to marry. What reasonably conditions did the cottages get into? what’s the bungalow story? World Health Organization saved them from infernal masses? however finally did Kajal and Kumar become one? that is the alternative story.

Most of the horror returndy films have come on Telugu screens. Sommeera is nearly the same as that. there’s no new story within the story however the director tried to impress with the story. the primary hop could be a bit slow .. The comedy and horror components square measure spectacular when the story enters the cottage. (Savikshi Reviews) although Heroes square measure Elevated, thus Niger-Congo is within the comedy Scenes within the comedy scene. particularly his punch dialogues. Appel Singh, World Health Organization was introduced as heroine, impressed. glamour in conjunction with acting. As a comedy horror custodian, the director created the trouble to cultivate comedy in each role. Anand Raj, the daddy of hero, Saurabh Shukla because the father of heroine, Rajendran tried to kid the vary of polemic killer. Rajendran Scenes in Second Hop is that the highlight of the film. although Taman’s musical songs weren’t affected, Karthik Raja’s background music has brought the impact of a horror film. photography is crucial for horror films. Deepak Kumar has succeeded in horrifying the Audience together with his visuals. (Witness Resumes) to focus a lot of on redaction. the primary half appears like stretching. Production values ​​are good.

Dammunte Sommera (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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