Brand Babu (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Brand Babu

Love story with a twist,

Released: 3 August 2018
Genres: Romance
Country: South Indian
Directors: P. Prabhakar
Stars: Eesha Rebba, Kotesh Manava, Murli Sharma, Nalini, Sumanth Shailendra
Actors: Eesha Rebba, Kotesh Manava, Murali Sharma, Nalini, Pujita Ponnada, Raja Ravindra, Saikumar Sampana, Satyam Rajesh, Sumanth Shailendra, Venu (Tillu)

Brand Babu (2018) Telugu Review:
A lot of individuals wear branded stuff as a result of it comes a picture they require the globe to examine. This complete fetish is associate degree extension of Ratnam’s (Murali Sharma) temperament, even his son Diamond (Sumanth Shailendra) shares his aversion for the poor and therefore the bourgeoisie.

When the story flies it’s silly and funny once their facilitate|domestic|house servant|servant|retainer} wipes a banana and serves it on a plate; because the help keeps slicing it, the hero chow it with a fork. many such instances cause you to smile however because the story progresses the smile turns to a frown. There area unit too several sequences of the family’s fetish for brands and a high category way, and you’ll be able to truly count the amount of times Murali Sharma uses the word ‘brand’.

Diamond is diode, by mistake, to profess love for Radha (Esha Rebba) UN agency could be a maid within the home minister’s house. once he realises his folly he not solely distances himself from her however his family humiliates Radha and her labor community. the remainder of the story is concerning however she wins their heart.

Midway through the film it’s terribly clear that the writing and direction has gone haywire. A righteous and proud Radha needs to come back the Louis Vuitton bag talented to her by Diamond and that they each find yourself sharing a sandwich over a insignificant, pointless speech communication. It’s a struggle to seek out out from Diamond’s unexpressive face whether or not he loves or hates her. The few sporadic laughs area unit short lived. The jokes flip juvenile; because the servants in Ratnam’s home boycott them, the hero’s family struggles to feed themselves. The half is predictable , however you yet wait to examine however it unfolds. there’s associate degree accident and Ratnam is hospitalized; a passionate motion-picture fan presumes solely the maid’s blood type matches Ratnam’s and a amendment of his heart follows.

Ironically, during this little budget film, there’s hardly any distinction between branded garments that the Babu’s family wears and therefore the stuff that Esha wears; some inequality would have helped. The film slumps as there aren’t any spirited dialogues for Esha. Rising to wealth doesn’t appear a powerful enough reason for Murali Sarma’s strange behavior. A hero with higher acting chops may have elevated author Maruti’s story however here solely Esha Rebba and Murali Sarma salvage the case. Watch it if you have got nothing higher to try to to.


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