Bangari Balaraju (2018) Telugu Movie Full Download

Bangari Balaraju

Bangari Balaraju (2018) Telugu Movie Full Download

Bangari Balaraju is a Telugu movie released on 25 Oct, 2018. The movie is directed by Kotendra Dudyala and featured Rahgav Reddy as lead character.

Bangari Balaraju (2018) Telugu Review:
‘Bangari Balaraju’ is that film wherever villagers experience Holi and Kabbadi, friends attend any extent to assist the hero in winning his lover, mother is that the holiest and villain is that the dirtiest. To be sure, this film has 2 pro-mother songs (one of them has those Kamal Haasan steps from ‘Swathi Muthyam’). And, yes, what’s a Telugu village while not somebody or the opposite reveling in basic cognitive process Pawan Kalyan (the heroine dependably imitates Power Star’s ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ act).

In a throwback to a bygone era, writer-director Kotendra Duyyala conceives a hero World Health Organization can wallow in sorrow if you raise him to romance a woman. he’s AN IAS aspirant and also the film, blasphemously, does not show him topping the civil services examination. he’s perpetually at the receiving finish of a super-naughty and sometimes abusive Bangari, World Health Organization calls herself a ‘Maga rayudu’ with a golden heart. By and by, honour makes AN entry within the story. Jagga Rayudu could be a caste-obsessed and status-conscious structure head of the villages in Kurnool district and he does not approve of his girl Bangari’s love. One murder try and also the whole population is up in arms against him. Wah!

Since the hero is just too busy singing paeans for his mother, a trigger-happy roguish nevertheless socially-conscientious cop (‘Dookudu’ Shravan) is deployed by the director to require care of modification. and also the cop, dutifully and nearly parodically, delivers a speech that you simply would trust solely Pawan Kalyan to deliver to his devoted sainiks. a follower is nearly killed and, forthwith, the heroine is shown indulgence during a song that pays tribute to, among others, rasgullas. Amidst the hero getting ready for exams and also the heroine getting ready for the following dream song, there comes a special song that includes alleged bombshell Radhika Patel.

There are a pair of fights and also the space during which they happen is thus restricted that even school drama rehearsals are control in larger areas in world. A stand on honour is due and it comes within the climax as a feigning. The hero’s mother is a perfect faculty teacher World Health Organization says that she is aware of the way to teach her son to not overstep his boundaries as a result of she has perpetually tutored to high school youngsters what are India’s boundaries (in a scene, the holy mother virtually identifies Arabian Sea and Bay of geographic region. Thanks for the earth science tutorial, though). the main focus on the hero’s sidekicks is just too usually within the half. The priest’s character is thus caricaturish.


Bangari Balaraju (2018) Telugu Movie Full Download

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